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Here you can find each service we offer and a brief outline of what can be expected as a bare minimal. Any and all serivices can be supplied individually, or in combination with each other taking more stress out of your hands.

I am Paul, the face behind Pooch Entertainment and its an honour to allow me the opportunity to work with you on your special day.

This is the core of our business. We offer tailor made DJ services to cover your wedding, your graduation, your Bar and Bat Mitzvah, your companies annual dinner dance and any other celebration imaginable. We work with you to both include what you want, and likewise, be sure to exclude anything you do not want. Your lighting package will be tailored to your needs and budget and we work tirelessly, to be sure your getting all that you deserve for your special event. From day one we stay in touch for any updates and adjustments that meet your plans. You have enough to be focused on without worrying about last minute glitches to your entertainment. Backup gear is always with us in the unlikely event of anything breaking down on the day. Finally, we offer an elite package that comes with a 55" mounted screen on the DJ booth, for pictures, slideshows and more to share with your audience.
For the slightly crazier fun party, I can offer karaoke. So why Pooch Entertainment, karaoke is karaoke right? Well not quite, with over 780,000 tracks electronically, you can be sure of one thing, you will not hear, "sorry but that tracks not available" in the highly unlikely event that I do not currently have it, I have the means to obtain it within a matter of minutes on the fly. Add to this, my decades of being behind the microphone, with a laughable but definitely understandable British/London accent, your sure to have a fun event. I carry two laptops in the event that one fails. I carry backup drives for the karaoke database, and I can include lights to add a bit of zest to your performance. I offer a no nonsense approach to doing gigs for any party, no matter of sex, race religion, or gender identity. I am a firm believer that we all deserve fun and I am currently active in the LGBTQ+ community. No party is too big or too small. I work with bars and restaurants directly to arrange gigs on their premises (subject to their own licencing arrangements) Prices are competitive to the region, but with the added extras, your always going to be getting bigger bang for your buck. Finally, unlike other KJ's I don't price my gigs on setup and break down time, so you will only pay for the time your being entertained.
No matter the depth the budget, or the event, we work closely with trusted reviewed and vetted photographers and videographers taking away the need for you to pay multiple times for services that you do not know what or who you are getting. We do the legwork for you. We have trusted professionals who do this as a living, its what they are passionate about, not a friend of a friend who does a little photography on the side after a long week in the office. You deserve the best, we provide the best. You get professionals who live and breathe for the services they provide to capture your special event. We introduce you to them BEFORE you pay for them, you will know the person or people who will attend your event, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions, make any special requests and know exactly what can be expected on your day. We do NOT offer service to amateurs, semi professional, or hobbyists. We also extensively vet anyone who wishes to be in our network. All professionals will be dressed appropriately for your event, they will follow your requests to the letter, and will ALWAYS have back up equipment on hand.
Remember all those pictures and videos you have from your party. The ones taken by friends and family and collected in one folder on your desktop, never to be viewed until Aunt Maud comes to visit in a few years? Well we can make them the first thing you will want to show friends and family. We will touch up your pictures, create slideshows, and more to your photos. Video, we can add effects, make them more special that the original will ever appear. And this is all done using high end software, time and the desire to get it right every time. You new productions will be provided on an easy to use USB flash drive, whilst maintaining the originals in a separate location on the flash drive. Additional drives can be supplied and shipped to an address of your choice for a nominal fee, so if you want to have us post one to your friends and family, we are happy to do that, and they will be pleasantly surprised at the magical gift you have supplied to them.
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