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In order that your requirements are best met, I ask that you use this contact form and include as much detail as you can to begin with. Include your projected date, the time you require services, your location and the location of the venue. I will follow up within 24 hours including weekends and holidays. From here, we can begin to work on your desires and requirements and I can begin to put together the most competitive quote I am able too.

You are also free to contact me via SMS at 425-626-6469 and I will follow up via phone call or email (Please specify your preference and preferred time window, and I will do my best to make that work - Note: You are free to also leave a detailed voicemail.)

Do please bear in mind that with COVID restrictions now lifted in many towns and cities, we are have a record breaking season of weddings and other celebrations, so slots are  filling up fast. It is for this reason that I am lowering my initial deposit from 50% to 30% in order to get you the best chance of securing your date and time.

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